Friday, May 13, 2005

The Boy Did Good

The alarm went off at five, and in the back of my mind I thought"why is the alarm on? I have the day off!" Then I recalled why I had the day off. It was the day of Joe's surgery, and that's never something to look forward to.

Joe needed a circumcision to take care of a case of phimosis. Just thinking about it enough to make any man a bit queasy. Joe had been pretty mellow about the whole thing. In our best imitation of good parents we tried talking to him about it and reassuring him that everything would be alright. He would just shrug and go on about his four year old business. Did he really understand how serious it was?

Apparently so. He went to the hospital without a single complaint. Although not thrilled by the prospect of the IV tube, he didn't mind it too much. We arrived at seven and were checked in. One child, waiting for surgery, was wailing in the corner. Another was being berated by his father for playing with girls toys. Joe, on the other hand, was simply delighted that the hospital had video games, courtesy of the Starlight Foundation. The nurses were delighted to have Joe. On of their easier patients. As one nurse came in to talk to Joe to calm his fears, he pushed her aside so he could keep playing video games. Truly his father's son.

Joe was put under for about an hour. He awoke asking not where his Mother or Father were, but instead where his gameboy was. The little junkie. The doctor warned us the patient was not to engage in physical activity or sexual relations for a week. The neighborhood girls will be so disappointed.

He was a little woozy, and his male member was bloody, raw, and wrapped in bandages.

Now he's home and playing Spiderman on the PS2. For our little trooper it was just another day of adventure. Me, I could use a drink.


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