Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Odds and Ends

There aren't many things me and Buddha can agree upon. I like to eat meat. I think there are many problems that can be solved with a baseball bat. One thing, however, I think he was on to was the concept of suffering coming from desire. Separate yourself from desire and you're on the road to a content life.

It wasn't that it was a bad weekend or anything, just not what I had hoped for. It was going to be a springtime weekend with my family, a concert with my wife and friends, and hours and hours in front of a card table. Instead it was a weekend of cold weather, a boy recovering from surgery, and a poker session that lasted one single hand.

Joe is recovering from his ordeal, but not as quickly as we had hoped. On Saturday the continued bleeding and the swelling concerned us enough to bring him back to the hospital. You have to hand it to Children's Hospital. They arranged for a nurse to meet us at the door so we wouldn't have to check in and pay money. They conducted the examination in the bathroom and gave the boy a clean bill of health.

Julie convinced me to go the Asylum Street Spankers concert anyways. I can't say enough good things about the band. If any group puts on a better show, I haven't seen it yet. The Spankers are not your typical band. They don't fit into any real category. They play swing, blues, country, hip hop, punk, classic rock, bluegrass and three or four other styles...Often at the same time. You can see a video of them here.

Had a great dinner with my parents on Sunday. It was good for the boy to get out of the house. Poor kid is going stir crazy, and dragging his parents into it with him. By Yesterday I was climbing the walls, looking for something to do. Keeping a four year old still is much more work than keeping him occupied. If not for video games, we would have had to use handcuffs to keep him down.

As for poker.....well, the less said the better. It's the only game where you can make the right play, your opponent makes the wrong play and yet you still lose. So much for playing nice and tight on Sunday.

Bits and Pieces

I sent this story to my Aunt Claire last week. I would like to assure people that no actually midgets were hurt in the making of the web page.

This is why I'm not seeing Star Wars on Thursday night.

What a bad year for journalisim. The "Newsweek Lied. People Died" meme is overblown, but adds to the growing distrust of the mainstream media. Trust and objectivity is the only thing the media has going for it. When you risk those things to make headlines, you risk your whole business. The scenario of EPIC 2014 doesn't seem that far off the mark. Smart search agents and firsthand blogging may very well be the way that Joe gets the news when he's an adult. The newspaper business kept a roof over my head and fed me as a child. A world without newspapers doesn't appeal to my sensibilities. Then again, I'm sure people felt that way about town criers as well.

It's E3 time. This is the first year when I'm not sad about sitting it out. It took about 4 years, but my love affair with the game industry has come to an end. I've written about the game industry and it's problems before, and they don't seem to have gotten any better. If it's a bad time to be a journalist right now, it's even worse for people who make video games. Between outsourcing, low profit margins and ballooning budgets, it's amazing that any decent game is produced.

Speaking of games, here's a timewaster.


At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Rasputin said...


You want a Wordpress install on your site? ;)

At 11:14 AM, Blogger G. Bob said...

Dang man. So much for low profile. You know, when you're in another "let's vanish from a community" mode it's always a combination of delight and grumpiness when someone shows up.

As you know, I'm a web idiot when it comes to html and the like. I'm still deciding what to do with regards to that internet thingie. What's my place? Right now my thought is "one personal page, one writing page". I just haven't decided on what to write about. I'm pretty sick of video games right now, but that could well change. I love the online gamers site you've so generously given me...I'm just not sure what's going to go there.

Good to see you again, though. Seriously. I'm just in an odd place right now where I actually feel "happy" as opposed to my normal cynical and disgruntled self. Thankfully, we live in a world where something is bound to make me angry soon.


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