Sunday, May 08, 2005

Taking a break

Joe reading a comic book, while taking a break between our adventures yesterday.

We needed it. Yesterday was one of those glorious, busy days that leaves a person tired and smiling after. The day started off with Joe and I getting chores done. Going to the bank, doing some shopping and getting ready for T-ball. Joe was exhausted and it wasn't even noon.

We continued on with a drive to Lockport and then to the comic book store for Free Comic Day. We stopped back home to see if Julie wanted to join us on adventures (she needed her sleep and her quiet so the answer was no.) then visited Mike and Karl's house for another cookout.

Mike and Karl had decided that the poker table was in bad shape and needed to be fixed. We disassembled it, re-felted the table and put a nice dark wood stain on it. Joe helped out the whole time, following behind us with a bag to collect the screws and stapling the felt on the table. Joe took the remnants of the felt and created a costume for himself. With a green felt hood and cape he took a handful of cards and was dubbed "the Green Gambler". Someday in the future, when Joe is competing in the 2020 World Series of Poker, we'll have to take the picture that Ian had taken of Joe in the getup and give it to ESPN to embarrass him.

For ten hours Joe and I explored, adventured, worked and played. It's why I love summer time so much.


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