Sunday, June 12, 2005

How Fast They Grow up

Graduation day. The day where a person enters the world of adulthood, armed with a diploma and ready to take on the world.

Unless it's Pre-K graduation, in which case he receives a balloon and we eat cake.

Either way it's pretty cool.

This week Joe took his first steps on his journey as he graduated from Pre-K. Joe has only been going for about half a year, as his parents suddenly realized that in New York State he would be entering kindergarten a full year older than we had been anticipating. Not having spent any time in day care, Joe would not have been ready for school, so we turned to the local YMCA for some much needed pre-school experience.

The very first morning he tried to skip school, informing us that he would rather sleep in. Only 14 more years of that to go. Seems he takes after his Dad in that regard.

We celebrated his graduation with a cook out and Star Wars toys. His Grandparents and his friends came over, celebrating the whole day until we turned off his video game machine....then he melted down and freaked out. Time for the guests to leave. Wait until he finds out that he doesn't get a graduation party at the end of every school year. We'll never hear the end of it.


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