Sunday, June 26, 2005

Joe and Dad Explore

The weather was in the 90's and the humidity hovered at around 75%. While others lounged around the house under their fans trying to get cool, Joe and I decided it would be a good time to go hiking. What a trip. We followed the stream that runs behind our house and into the industrial wreckage of Blackrock, an area of Northern Buffalo. Along the way we discovered a small hole in a fence and a trail leading into an empty lot. There's no way a person can ignore that kind of invitation. Stepping over torn up green carpeting, we soon realized that this was an abandoned miniature golf course. It had been taken over by skateboarders, as graffiti and used bongs littered the ground.

What was the course doing here? It was connected to a gigantic field, with rolling hills and knee deep weeds. A rusted metal fence extended around the area. We would need to find a trail if we were to get to the bottom of it.

Joe never ceases to impress me. Marching his little legs as fast he could, we covered close to two miles of trails, weeds, and abandoned buildings.

We finally found our answer. A quick peek at the satellite image of the area confirmed that this area was once a golf course. More research is needed, but it looks like a failed eighties land development attempt. The miniature golf course was once connected to a larger golfing complex. I'm halfway tempted to buy some carpeting, a weed wacker, and make myself my own private course.

Joe was just happy to solve the mystery of abandoned Putt-Putt.


At 7:58 PM, Anonymous Claire N. said...

This whole adventure sounds like wood tick heaven! Check Joe to see if he picked up any ticks on this sojourn! (They like to go for the legs and head.) -- Your neurotic Aunt Claire

At 12:34 AM, Anonymous claire n. said...

And let's not forget, in addition to the Lyme disease and babesiosis from the ticks, the hepatitis from the used bongs and needles, the possibility of sunstroke, getting run down by crazed skateboarders -- Inspector Monk is right -- the outdoors is dirty and dangerous, and we should avoid it at all costs! Wrap the boy in plastic! Seal him away in a hermetically sealed environment! Boil all his food! Sterilize his water! Scrub him with antiseptic! -- Hmm. Aunt Claire needs to adjust her meds ...

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