Sunday, January 22, 2006

Skating With the True Star

How about this for a day? Wake up, and coach pee-wee floor hockey with my friends Mike and Katie. Watch as the kids run around with sticks and pucks and then head home for a round of playing video games with Joe. Head out to lunch at Panos with my Aunt Claire, then end the day with taking the boy out to ice skate for the first time.

That's right, his first time skating. Forget the first time he walked. This is the first time on skates. My retirement plans are simple. Teach him to the the next Wayne Gretzky, then sit back and watch the checks roll in. It's the perfect plan. Nothing can go wrong with it.

Well, we have a way to go, but he enjoyed his time greatly. He has pronounced ice skating "better than skiing" and suggest that we go every day. Who can argue there? His ankles were strong, and once we work on balance he'll be the king of the rink. A good day, indeed. Posted by Picasa


At 4:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today I was really really excited cause i could like go ice skating but then i was like skating and i like tried to spin and like i fell over and like hit my head and cut it it was totally a downer onn my day which i was really looking forward to so like i dunno the doctor said there might be some perement brain damage and like id just keep saying like all the time and my girlfriend hits me like yeah like? so like what do you think? like.

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